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Gwyn is a choreographer, performer, rehearsal director, producer and dramaturg, with over 20 years of international experience in contemporary dance. Coming from Wales, UK, he has been living in Malmö since early 2020. He is the Artistic Director of Jones the Dance based in Wales, as well as a freelance maker and rehearsal director in Sweden. 


Gwyn’s choreographic work can be said to sit somewhere between contemporary dance and dance theatre. He sees dance as an event and is interested in blurring the lines between performers and audiences, whilst showcasing and celebrating the skills and awesomeness of the dancers’ art. The most important thing to Gwyn is how the body has its own stories and histories through which dance presents them from different perspectives. 


In 2013, Gwyn created Gwyn Emberton Dance which recently changed its name to Jones the Dance. The company has toured Gwyn’s works across the UK and internationally, as well as developing youth initiatives for young people in rural and post industrial communities and for young Deaf people. His solo work has toured as part of the European dance network Dance Roads and he’s choreographed for many cross disciplinary projects in Wales. 


Since 2014, Gwyn has also been an artist, dramaturg and producer for iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective), created and produced by Swedish company ilDance. He also regularly performs, co-creates and co-directs sited and site-responsive work with collective Light, Ladd and Emberton.  


In his earlier years, he danced with many major choreographers and companies such as Akram Khan, Scottish Dance Theatre, Matthew Bourne and Inbal Pinto, and has worked with Russell Maliphant Company and a range of early-years choreographers as a rehearsal director and dramaturg. Gwyn has also taught for several companies in the UK and at many international schools/dance centres, such as The Place (London Contemporary Dance School), Danscentrum Syd in Sweden, Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Centre, and ballet academies in Gothenburg and Stockholm (as part of iCoDaCo).

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